The number of Clydesdales on the farm has grown year on year

Ailsa and James developed a love of Clydesdale horses after James gifted Ailsa with Mia and Rhapsody for her birthday, shortly after moving to Blairmore.

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Our Clydesdales

Primarily they use the horses for showing and breeding and have kept their first foal Airlea (meaning “windy meadow”) after she was born on a very blustery day back in May 2016.  With the help and support of Bandirran Stud & Livery, Ailsa and James have even started to branch out to driving their horse and with the addition Lara to the family, they now have 4 Clydesdales who love to display their personalities both whilst they work and play.

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Outside the farm

Outside of the farm, the horses can be seen at both horse and agricultural shows throughout the year.

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