In addition to our cattle and horse we also farm sheep, chickens, turkeys and pigs

These fabulous additions to the farm in 2015 and 2016 have been a tremendous source of entertainment.

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Our sheep are bred from our own tup, Andy, with lambing taking place at the end of April and we welcome guests to come and feed any pet lambs that we have.  Our lamb, like our beef, is also available from our Farm Kitchen.

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In 2016 the long awaited Turkeys came to Blairmore, these incredibly social birds are brilliant fun.  We hatch turkeys in mid-summer so that they are ready for Christmas.

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The chickens are the proud producers of the most wonderful free-range eggs. Fed on a diet of pellet and seaweed, the richness of their yolks is second to none. Chicks usually start hatching from the middle of April through to the middle of May. Our fresh eggs are in every welcome pack, and are also available from the Farm Kitchen. Give them a try and if you get a double yolker its considered good luck at Blairmore!

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